SUV=safety (Warning-dead deer pics)


molṑn labé
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or not




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Gee, that must've hurt.

Poor, poor Durango.

Actually poor, poor deer. He must've been REALLY depressed to settle for running into a Durango.


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I could go for one of those right about now... you know... running into a Durango


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What matters is the dear in it's living state. A 30-40 craig, a minivan...what's the difference how it died?


fury said:
403 Forbidden :crying3:

Using Internet Explorer you can just drag the little "e" next to the url down to the main window. Otherwise copy and paste like whoreable said.

It's on a pic hosting service for Anandtech members. I guess they don't like you linking from other sites.


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either that or hes blind to settle for a durango fury. i had to learn to drive in an suv that my mom bought cause my dad was there. i am never touching one again. unless im using it for some kind of target practice or blowing it up niether of which i can as lack of resources.

Luis G

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i see no blood from the driver :D

also, the animal might have attempted to jump the van (the front part of the durango has no scratches)


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My ex bf hit a fawn while I was in the car and it went under instead of over (thank goodness)... I freaked out, it was my first time hitting an animal in the road.

Btw I can't see the first pic, I guess my work doesn't allow it... :shrug: