For the taste retarded


100% Pure Canadian Beef
I can't see 10 million scovilles promoting any kind of health

it's a raw ingredient

you mix it with olive oil, and rub it into muscles, like heet.

also, you use it to make capsules, and it's thermogenic, eating it burns calories (and your asshole)


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I can't believe I never thought to wonder that. I recently wondered if surprise-buttsecksing a 12-year-old would be legal in Amsterdam, but I never wondered about a 10 million-scoville enema.


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You haven't? I'd have thought you'd have gone way past that, to where a gay sado-masochist would self inflict himself, and hold it in to surprise his boyfriend in a bareback chemical warfare screamfest. And there you are thinking about 12 year old boys. I am disappointed.


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That seems more like a way for a gay guy to break up with his boyfriend, sort of like how a dude might break up with his girlfriend by giving her a Cleveland Steamer.