For the taste retarded

tonksy said:
mmm...thai food.
you know what? recently i had a intestinal virus and the doc told me to lay off the milk and the spicy food until it passed. so i was sitting at dinner ordering my sub and found my self thinking "i'll just get the veggie sub with jalapenos. they aren't spicy"....i think i've warped my taste buds.

I believe I may have mentionned that a time or two in the past.
Professur said:
I believe I may have mentionned that a time or two in the past.

I'll never forget the spices that were being put on food when they were here. Holy crap, I could have burst into flames eating that stuff.
tony's seasoning is not hot :confused:
i admit that one of the pizza sauces we made was a bit on the warm side...but that's all......right?
HomeLAN said:
Far as I'm concerned, you and your live-in are both nuts. I can't deal with hot stuff.

Agreed. :lol2: Tony's isn't spicy??? Tonksy, even Paul thought his tongue was on fire.
Uki Chick said:
Agreed. :lol2: Tony's isn't spicy??? Tonksy, even Paul thought his tongue was on fire.
yeah, but paul thought the stuffed, ripe, jalapenos were hot too. and they weren't.
Tonys hot? har. Its just a salting agent. It barely rates at the lower third of lukewarm... almost beneath notice.

I never have met anyone who lived north of Maryland that could take anything hotter than ice cream... with the exception of Buffalo natives who seem to love scalding buffalo wings.
Professur said:
Now see here. It's not a matter of taking it. It's a matter of enjoying it.

I am starting to enjoy a bit of spice, a bit of heat, but to hot ruins the meal, I could eat the super spice, if i wanted to show off my macho side, but I have no macho side, so I just laugh at the idiots dying whil eating 911 wings
Theres a second variant of Tonys where most of the salt is replaced with peppers... now that one can get a bit spicy.

I too can't stand a meal based upon sheer heat instead of flavor. I don't dabble into habanero sauces because I don't find them to be tasty. I stick to tobasco and slightly spikier heat as it adds decent heat and decent taste. Even those of us that like heat have limits.

I never did understand the day after toilet scorching as it has never happend to me. I wonder if its possible for the body to consume the evilness enough that it no longer poses a threat.
unclehobart said:
...just as if you had peed on an electric fence...

All I could think about reading this thread was Ren and Stimpy and the "Don't whiz on the electric fence" song after reading this. :rofl4:

Maybe these people are just on an adreline rush or something.

I bet it turns into a jackass stunt.
I too am enjoying a well deserved smirk from the esteemed poster that correctly stated:

"you will quiver and quake just as if you had peed on an electric fence.
This stuff would be more damaging than ingesting Drano."

Reminds me of a time years ago while dining at a buffet style Chinese food restaurant with my then nine year old Son.

We were beginning to eat our meals and my kid picks this innocent looking pepper out of his plate "here Dad eat this"
Now I'd never think that a Chinese place would include something lethal,
sure in a Mexi place but anyways

so since the kid kinda dared me to eat this thing I chomp away on it.

yup you guessed it this thing was packed with drano

I actually inflicted chemical burns on my mouth and tongue.
To this day the lil’ turd still gets a chuckle out of that one.
Nope caustic chemicals aren't my cup-a-tea.
PrincessLissa said:
I bet it turns into a jackass stunt.

If they mess with the stuff shown at the top of this post
it will be a lethal jackass stunt for sure.