Another war we're losing....


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Theres no limit on post size that I know of. Perhaps the source article is protected somehow. Try pasting it to a notepad first to see if it can really travel. That, or just cut it in half and post it in smaller blocks. There just might be a size block.


I am going to acknowlege you (in the RW forum) just this once, to clarify why I don't answer you.

I have never in the entire time I have been reading your posts, seen you come up with any intelligent, original, or even mildly interesting point. Until I do, I will no longer engage in discussion with you in the RW forum, until I see some sign of orginal thinking in your posts. I will not be holding my breath.

I mostly just scratch my head and wonder why you bother to engage in discussion with me at all, and more importantly why I should bother to reciprocate. So until you pique my interest, I have nothing more to discuss with you.

Please don't take this personally, as I am sure that politics aside you, like most people are a perfectly nice lady, it's just that, from the track record so far, I don't see anything constructive coming out of engaging in debate with you on this forum about any politcal issue. I am also not trying to say you aren't intelligent, that really isn't my issue with you either, it's mostly that I have never seen anything "unique" and/or interesting about your posts to date. That's my honest feeling.


Is there something there that is hard to understand? I am beginning to seriously rethink the statement in bold BTW.

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markjs said:
I am going to acknowlege you (in the RW forum) just this once, to clarify why I don't answer you.

Seems to me like you rethought that statement as well.


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I know you're the resident rocket scientist and all, so it should be easy for you to figure out that you're not obligated to reply. :shrug:


Another wealth of information on the subject.

Nobody will read it, because they think they already know it's bullshit, without even bothering to look into it. Nobody seems to have any interest in facts on a hot button issue like this. Oh well.

Galileo was forced to recant and given a life sentence for his heretical ideas. That didn't make him any less right. He was a pioneer, and if not for him standing his ground about what he knew to be true, at least to himself, science and ultimately human development could have been set back who knows how far?

Herbert Spencer said:
There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance.--That principle is contempt prior to investigation.

From Appendix II, "Spirtual Experience", The "Big Book" of Alcoholics Anonymous

One of the common sayings you'll often hear from friends of Bill W. is; would you rather be happy or right? I'd wish for both but I guess I'm gonna have to settle for happy, even if I am right and nobody can see it :D Not a bad place to be.


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There's a 20,000-character limit to a post, here, I believe, but if you surpass that, it should give you a message that it's too long.