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Ok boys and girls we're going to play a little game. I don't know how this is going to work yet so bare with me. Someone is going to be 'it' and everyone else has to guess who that person is. Each person is limited to two guesses per turn and obviously the person who guesses right can't be it so instead whoever guesses right gets to pm someone else and assign them as 'it'(if they accept). When you're it you may give as many clues about yourself as you like but no one can be it for more than a 36hr period. After that time anyone else may pick up the ball. I haven't thought this through much so suggestions are appreciated and we may change the rules when better ideas come forth. I have contacted someone to kick us off and the game should begin shortly.

Have fun.
Oh yeah, this is much easier played if you just login using another browser or profile so you're not constently logging in and out while "it".
pc_builder said:
No wait... you are whoreable?

I AM able to be a whore, yes, but I am not the member by that name

BTW that gender field reflects the person who registered this account (Hex) not necessarily me

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whoreable: :mad:

paul: I am offended!!! I am not a smelly Brit!!!!

(no offense to the British folks around here I just wanted to incorporate another clue)
Who said you can ask questions? hmmmm?

I am not Greenfreak

I am in the 18-28 age range (but I didn't say that just caus eyou asked!!!)

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