The gig is up!


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In his profile he used the man in that pic as the representation of himself, RJackass. Several months ago.


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Ok, fine, while we're at it. I am actually Altron - the infamous banned member from early 2003. Yes, it's the same person behind both of those people. I thought that by so carefully imitating the old Altron, people would say "Obviously it's not the same guy, no one would come back under the same user name, it's just a coincidence". You fools!
You know I need a new avatar but that one I am using of the punk rocker, and in my profile is actually me in the late 80's. It got me the hotties!
One thing I will say is the only reason I feel bad about my deception at all is because while I disagree with the initial banning, I did lose it a while there and if I didn't earn a banning before I was banned I did shortly after. It is just for fun on the anonymous web. I just feel bad if I hurt anyone or made them mad is all. I have nothing against others who have done what I did, provided they just got tired of the old id, and didn't leave because of bad behavior they were responsible for. Even then I am very forgiving if a person truly wants to make amends.

OK if you want to continue to be an ass to me, we can both play that game. I just don't see the point. Put me back on ignore please! I am not putting you on ignore because you sir are a riot! But your air of superiority, is false and undeserved.