This discussion violates our AUP. Please leave your testicles out of the other member's thoughts. Topic Closed. :D
This was the very first thread at this forum. It was created by our admin fury, and it was all his idea to name it what he did. :D
And that must mean I get to think of everyone's testicles. :eek: That is one hilarious picture I've got in my head now. :D
Does penis in the banned pics list include testicles? If no maybe it'd better be added too before it's too late :eek:
Speaking of balls, nuts, testicles, gonads, etc. Ever see bulls balls? Them suckers are the size of egg plants. Hell anyone ever see a bull wack off? lol hahahahahaha im one sick bistachitchyass.


P.S. im serious about the bull wack off part, we had a bull do it, weirdest shit to see.