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I am wondering if Monica had any teeth shift back after her braces were off. I wonder if she wishes she had gotten a permanent retainer. I wonder if she'll see this.

I have had mine for about 4-5 months now and the difference in my teeth and bite is amazing yet I still have a year and a half to wear them.

<- is impatient
i've had my braces off for almost 10 years now. i had a squiggly metal retainer glued in behind my bottom teeth for a few years, and wore a top one when i felt like it.
really my only shifting is the pushing back of one of my bottom front teeth, which i actually quite like! i think it gives my otherwise perfectly-aligned teeth a lot of character. my dentist say it's fine, so it and i are allowed to be buddies. :) (for now, lol) probably has something to do with my bottom wisdom teeth, which are gone now.
I wore my retainers religiously for months, and then I backed off on them because I realized that they were leaving a sizeable gap between two of my front teeth. They are squeezed back together now, and still look quite nice. One of my bottom teeth is a little messed up but hardly worth the fuss.

My wisdom teeth were removed last summer (all 4) so those won't be around to crowd anything up.

Also, I hated my dentist so I went to another. After my first cleaning he told me I had A LOT of cavities that my ortho told me was decalcification. Even 3 cleaning visits afterwards, the old dentist never recognized any of them.

So the new dentist got in there and gave me 4 amalgam fillings on one side. They were huge. Hige to the point that one of my molars suffered pulpitis as a result of the massive filling. Now I have a tooth with a root canal and rubber filling, and I have to wait until January to get a crown because my insurance maxed out on ALL THE FILLINGS.

I can't even describe my anger at my old dentist for not finding those cavities while they were small. Now I can only chew on the right side of my mouth for several months until I throw out hundreds, if not thousands for a crown.

And I couldn't wear my bottom retainer if I wanted to anymore because I don't have all of a tooth anymore :(

Edit: Here's a recent picture. Teeth still looking straight despite not wearing my retainer :D

**Picture removed at user's request - Nixy**
that sucks about the fillings... you'll be happy when you finally can get crowns, though. i have a crown because i grind my teeth and kept grinding my fillings out, and they couldn't re-fill it anymore. i have a lot more peace-of-mind with that tooth having a crown on it. why must teeth be so finnicky?
I had braces from 11 - 16... British ones... meaning they made my teeth look worse! :roll:

Monica... you look great! Go girl! Huge confidence booster no doubt!
Strong couples often do look like relatives... the thing you usually find most subconsciously attractive... its obvously yourself!

(Or your mum or dad... but thats opening a whole different kettle of Victorian Freudian Theory!)
Don't post pics then pull them. It's part of your past. Nothing to be ashamed of.
No, but I don't want anything floating around that my potential students might be able to access. I have my Facebook on lock down as it is.