Ice ice icicles

Renewed XenForo license and updated at long last, which fixed the posting which has been broken all year (ironically because of something I did to make backups more efficient!)

Goddamn, I have been working on this for like hours. No home internet (because fuck Spectrum for raising prices). I have unlimited data on my phone and it's usable, but hotspot data is basically limited to 10 gigs, after which it's 32kbps. Trying to shoehorn a forum upgrade & Tapatalk plugin upgrade through that pipe is like trying to fit 10 gallons of crap into a thimble. Aaaaaaaaand the styles (other than the base XenForo styles) are broke. Oh well. Might be able to fix them if I get some faster internets...or borrow a cup of wifi somewhere and remember to bring my laptop this time.