Here´s an error I got got


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Here's an error I got got

When I was tryin to post in my thread about the UK folks. This is what came up when I hit 'submit':

Database error in WoltLab Burning Board: Invalid SQL: SELECT timeoffset FROM bb1_user_table WHERE userid = '24'
mysql error: Server shutdown in progress
mysql error number: 1053
Date: 18.04.2002 @ 23:04
Script: ////thread.php?threadid=161&boardid=1&styleid=&page=1

There seems to be some technical problems with the database at this moment.
Please use the reload-button of your browser to try again.
If these problems continue, please contact the Admin of this Forum.


I think it has something to do with this server being overloaded.


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It has everything to do with the fact that the webhost that runs the shitty server blows monkey chunks :mad:


molṑn labé
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*what Q said*

there has been a terrible lag the last couple of days.


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yeah, 17 people online at the same time jambs 'em right up....but if you go to their website and bitch, they ip ban your ass.....................................................I know:D


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That was when the server was going down for reboot.

If you get confused as to what's happening, here's a short list of error messages and what they mean.

mysql error: Server shutdown in progress
The server is going down for a reboot, most likely due to the load being unnaturally high and thus causing everything to run extremely slow. A reboot usually doesn't take more than 5 to 7 minutes if nothing goes wrong at bootup.

mysql error: Server has gone away
See above. This error message is generally encountered later in the reboot process, just before the power is reset.

The first two errors are nothing to be worried about if they don't linger around for an extended period of time, however, there are some more serious errors which require immediate attention

mysql error: Table 'xxxxxx' doesn't exist
mysql error: Database 'xxxxxx' doesn't exist
mysql error: Invalid SQL .....
These three errors mean something is seriously wrong and if it's not too much trouble, you should email me at my alternate email address, [email protected], with the precise details of the error. Cut/paste the URL and the page text in the email and name the email something that I'll notice so I couldn't possibly miss it (I usually delete all mail from that address since it's mostly spam)