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Bonnie Blue Butler is dead

bbc said:
Gone With The Wind actress dies

Former Gone With The Wind child actress Cammie King Conlon - who played the doomed daughter of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler - has died aged 76.

She died of lung cancer on Wednesday with her son, Matthew Ned Conlon, by her side, her friend Bruce Lewis said.

She appeared in the 1939 film at five. The death of her character, Bonnie Blue Butler, causes irreparable damage to Scarlett and Rhett's marriage.

Three years later, she voiced young doe Faline in Walt Disney's Bambi.

Speaking to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat newspaper about Gone With The Wind last year, she said: "As the years have gone by, I realise it's an honour and it's so humbling.

"I had nothing to do with it - I was five.

"They said, 'stand here, do this'. And yet it's resulted in this incredible experience."

She went on to work as a director of a museum and as a publicist for a chamber of commerce.

I've never seen Gone With The Wind. So, I'll bow at her passing & allow those who have seen her, comment further.
I used to watch Gone With The Wind just about every year with my mom. I recall the little girl who played Bonnie. I didn't know she was the voice of Faline in Bambi.