Does anyone remember this thread?


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It starts HERE with the words "Being that volcanoes are the sweat glands of the Earth it is no wonder they are cranking up." For that I was roundly lampooned.

Well, now there is THIS.

Volcanoes ARE cooling Earth: Aerosols from small eruptions have reduced global temperatures and tropical rainfall

  • Volcanoes may have cooled the Earth by 0.05°C to 0.12°C since 2000
  • Scientists had overlooked the role of aerosols from small eruptions
  • The aerosols accumulate between the stratosphere and troposphere
  • This layer of the atmosphere is difficult to study as clouds obscure it
  • Eruptions through 1990s and 2000s have contributed to warming 'pause'
  • Global temperatures plateaued since 1998 after rapid warming in 1990s
  • The findings mean models predicting climate change need to be revised
Small volcanic eruptions over the past 20 years have been protecting the Earth from global warming, according to a new study.

Scientists have confirmed that droplets of sulphur-rich aerosols spewed into the upper atmosphere by volcanoes have been reflecting sunlight away from the Earth.

Until recently it was thought that only particularly large eruptions had any noticeable affect on the climate.


Let it be noted that this study gives an excuse for global warming having been curtailed since 1998. Note the dates they say this started and how it gives an excuse for the inaccuracy of the models and touts their being revamped to include this new information.