Car troubles


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Where to begin. Blew out the brake lines on the Parisienne, V2.0's accident appears to have morphed into a misfire issue on the left 2 cylinders, and last night the Olds may have thrown a show. Pulling into the street I felt an uncomfortable lurch and suddenly the car drove like it weighted twice as much. Didn't rev up like a slipping transmission, so I'm at a bit of a loss. Decisions, decisions ... which one might be the fastest to get back on the road?
Perhaps a new(er) car should enter the fray, Prof. Choose one that would best fetch you a trade-in or cost you the most to fix and replace it with another model
We'll be getting the missus something newer instead. I'll use her old one until the V8s are back in service. I'd rather not be hostage to 5 miles of wires and sensors just waiting to fuck up. My old cars are easy to fix given free time. Only free time is rare in the short term.