Blind Karma


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Ok, this is starting to creep me out. I'm getting karma, and commentary from unknown sources. I'm starting to feel paranoid.


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Professur said:
Nothing in any of that tells me how sent me the karma and why they're stalking me, does it?
I thought I had special permissions to stalk you :lloyd:

one of the creepy stalkers was me :glasses:


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That's the beauty of karma; you can't find out who it is unless they tell you. Not even fury can find out. Think about the possibilities. :D


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I'm a "prof stalker" too. :D


Hey! ...and at least I gave you good karma. One dumbass gave me three bad karmas.


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Maybe he/she had a good reason? :shrug:

I still haven't figured out some stuff about it yet, like why the member list sorter isn't working


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OMG!!! I just read the karma regulations. That dumbass bastard that gave me three bad karmas must have been clicking his fucking mouse off ....:rofl4:


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Wait how do you know if your karma was bad or not....i have one with a bad comment so i guess i got bad karma...hmmmmm.....let me check again.