Avatar the movie

Monkey's; we be trollin' :rofl2:

In the words of my son:

Star Wars meets the Smurfs with better imagery.

It would have been better with no dialogue. Blu-Ray with th ecenter speaker disabled. Worth the rental fee but not a purchase.
I picked it up fr $17.85 and got a $10 rebate coupon for a purchase on another day. :shrug:

It's not 3D tho' - not even in BluRay
Avatar: bullshit Props-o-ganda

The top-grossing film of all time, Avatar, was itself a subversive and, might I add,
blue Trojan horse that lacerated America. In this digitized 3-D cartoon, vindictive military conquerors
(the United States) will stop at nothing to obtain a natural energy resource on the planet Pandora.
To get it, they intend to lay waste to the peace-loving, kindhearted (overgrown Smurfs)
natives of the planet, the Na'vi. In the end, the military imperialists get their comeuppance and the liberal,
sci-fi revenge flick draws to a merciful conclusion.

They were like the indigenous people from many areas. Gotta protect yourself from animal threats and outside forces.


The Smurf thing probably wasn't a very good comparison except for the color.
I don't really get why you dislike it so much. I don't think the plot was "capitalism is bad". More like "taking resources from indigenous by force is bad". That's not really free market or anything.
it's clear why the nutballs loved the smurf movie, that why so many became suicidal after watching it. I'll give Cameron credit for making it look great though.


I can see why the lefty's were writing bad reviews for this BEFORE they even saw it.

Team America, Frak Year!
We've been paying for resources for generations & still we're told they're stolen. Hell, might as well kill the blue guys.