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I remember listening to a Tony Robbins audio one time where he made the bold statement that affirmations were a farce. He clearly argued that affirmations were a waste of time. He is right.

Do I have your attention? Tony was not saying you should not have powerful statements you use to change your thinking, but he was making it very clear that you could not use generic affirmations that are not backed with energy, power, and commitment. You need to create scripts, stories, and statements that are packed with emotional impact if you want to engage your mind and make changes.

He continued to explain that you should vary your tone, your impact on words, and your emotional triggers that you associated to your scripts to make your subconscious mind listen. He insisted saying the words is not enough. You need to add physical triggers to lock them in place. Some of his suggested triggers included hand pumps, slapping your hand together, punching the air, or signaling a big number one with your finger.

I can verify that by adding impact, emotion, and physical triggers, your affirmations go from generic words into statements that burn into your mind and start changing your persistent thoughts. It takes time and effort, but it is worth it.


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Robbins was one of the first I heard talk about "Neuro-linguistic programming".
That it worked. I hadn't heard him contradict that.
These latter years he has gotten off track it seems to me, and hasn't done as well.

Self improvement is a good thing, but you have to be careful who, and what parts
you try to implement in your life.
Different people are different, and one thing might work better for one person,
an other methods for another person.
Some things can be learned though teaching, but some come only from experience, and or "trial and error".