Quick!! Which sea is expanding?


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I am banging my head on the desk over a question on a quiz -

Which sea is expanding at a rate of 1.25 cm each year
- Dead Sea
- Red Sea
- Black Sea

I found only an article referring to the Dead Sea shrinking. Cannot find the answer as yet. Heeeeeeeeeeelp!

Gotta be the Black Sea I reckon.....as it used to be a freshwater lake and is now classified as a saltwater sea :shrug:
The Dead Sea, a unique salt-lake, is the lowest point on the surface of the planet, lying currently at 411 meters below sea level. Unfortunately, it is constantly breaking its own record - its level is dropping by 80cm-1 meter every year !! Already 1/3 of the Sea's surface area has been lost !!

one ruled out :headbang:

I'm leaning towards Black Sea too...I just wanna read it first lol
The most important change in the Red Sea has been the drying up of its northern extremity. The land about the head of the gulf has risen and that near the Mediterranean become depressed. Geology has well-nigh proved that at one time the Mediterranean itself was not separated from the Red Sea. Indeed the head of the gulf has consequently retired gradually since the Christian era. In other words, there was in prehistoric times, a natural Suez canal waterway.
*now knows more about the Black Sea than he ever thought was necessary......but ain't complaining 'cos he didn't have bugger all better to do* :retard:

Still can't find a site that'll give the 1.25 cm verification tho' .........
this blows goats :banghead:

it's to win a contest for the kiddies. it's driving me NUTS!!! :grumpy:

I entered Black Sea to put myself out of my misery, figuring it'd go meeeep you're wrong and point and laugh at me. but instead... :retard:


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