Politics ... or why I'm a monarchist


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So the US had a former first lady and secretary of state who is on record as having an illegal email server (which was repeatedly hacked) and destroyed data (also illegal) and the DOJ found 'she didn't mean to do anything wrong' and didn't press charges. A sitting president who, while only a senator, took confidential documents home (illegal) and stored them where literally anyone could access them (illegal) and he's (according to that same DOJ) unfit to stand trial because of his mental decline (sitting effin president AND on the ballot for another 4 years) ... In Canuckistan, the dictator in chief claimed something that anyone who has successfully balanced a checkbook knows to be a blatant lie, and was voted in because he had the best hair ... declared illegally martial law on the entire country in an effort to conceal how badly the publicly funded medical system has become, has publicly declared admiration for a communist dictatorship, and made it near impossible to share international news in the country.
At least a monarchy is honest about treating it's citizens as peasants.