what to do on ones 20th birthday

tank girl

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Gonz said:
Read some Ann Coulter & free thy mind. Or get drunk & fuck.

oh, who... "the reigning diva of the hysterical american right"? er, no thanks. I prefer reading material based on reality.

get drunk and fuck? how vulgar of you, gonz.

no thanks, you obviously misunderstand me; not surprising really.


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tank girl said:
haven't any plans yet... :eh:

any suggestions?

- Get together with some friends and/or family and have a long dinner party, with copious amounts of good food, good wine, good deserts, and good conversations. No movies, no tv, no computers.

- Go out on the town with some friends.

- Take a trip to another city and play tourist. Hotels, museums, local colour, the whole show...

- Take in a concert, a band, a ballet, an opera, a play.

- If it's cold enough, go out and skate or play in the snow.

- If it's warm enough, go out and swim or play in the sand.

The operating word is do something with others. Get away from the day-to-day routine.

Cheers, and Happy Birthday in advance,

- DFisherman


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Read some Ann Coulter and fuck. :lloyd:

Best advice I can offer is to get a fake ID and go to the best blues club in town (ask at music stores and such).


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Do what I did.

Stay home and stare at the wall and wonder why every following birthday you get less and less excited about the special day.

tank girl

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BeardofPants said:
chic, the drinking age here is 18. Twenty year olds don't need fake IDs. ;)

yah, aren't they thinkng of putting it back up???? bummer for my lil bro...not that that changes anything.... I've kinda grown out of my alchoholic phase

(I was drinking at age 13) . :lol:

then again, I don't think you're ever too old ...or too young?? for it.

Might just go out and buy a decent wine and have a quiet one.

Read some Ann Coulter and fuck



molṑn labé
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tank girl said:
no thanks, you obviously misunderstand me; not surprising really.

To misunderstand would lean towards the opinion I ever tried.


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If you're in Auckland, I would tell you to be off to the Queens Head for some fish, chips, and a pint.

If youre down at the capital, I would suggest you pop over to the South Island for a day trip and harass the Picton merchants. They had a nice fish shoppe as well when I was there back nigh on 6 years ago. There was also a fairly decent Indian restaurant over there in Wellington somewhere. I remeber it being in the midst of a ton of shops and a huge open walkway.


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tonksy said:
i got drunk and broke my toe (the piggie that had none) on mine.

I did that just the other day. Ouch.

Why not get some girl friends together and do a spa night? Or have a low key party somewhere? I dunno much about birthdays cause mine always suck. (with the exception of this last one)


molṑn labé
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I love ya BoP, but liking any drinking establishment that has a website, umbrella covered tables in front & calls itself a cafe explains why you & I are so far apart. :D


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Gonz, ya gots to stop judgin' things by their covers. *handonhip Now, I'm tellin' you right now, this place serves the BEST beer, chips 'n mussels around these here parts. :grinyes:


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Well I was there many years ago... and it did seem a bit of a dying breed then... but that is sometimes part of the charm.

I wouldn't mind your pub for the most part except that there are times that I don't like being in places that are arse over elbow crowded and you have to yell to talk to your mates. Sometimes one likes a nice quiet hole in the wall kind of place.