Anyone wanna tell me what this guy did wrong?


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He is in a place which has usual and customary public access and he is protesting peacefully. The goons who claim to be "security" tackle this cripple, throw him to the ground, and lean on his neck while kneeling on his body.



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Save the Whales

I'd rather watch that Serb chick hurl
half a dozen puppys in the river.


molṑn labé
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What were the ultimate charges against this guy? Also, what was with the cop showing up & flashing a badge? Hopefully, next week they all sjhow up with signs. At some point, it'll be many to harass. (the original guy was a moron but even morons have rights)


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I kept hoping that a pack of wolves would come out of the trees behind that skank and rip her throat out! And of course, it goes w/out saying.....the thought of NOT calling 9-11 for her is not an issue!


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Rare occasion where I find myself agreeing with Cerise. If she had to put the puppies down, there are probably better ways than carting them away and hurling them into a river. Also? Filming & putting it on youtube? Uncool.