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  1. chcr

    Learn to speak tea bag.

    Learn to speak tea bag. BTW, I learned what teabagging was from reading a book by John Waters. I don't think that most of these people understand.
  2. chcr

    For our Canuckistani friends...

  3. chcr

    One wonders... so many of you find it so easy to do al-Qaida's bidding.
  4. chcr

    Walter Cronkite dead.

    Walter Cronkite Dies...
  5. chcr

    OM (nonexistent) G!!!!!!!

    Not only is he teechin our chilluns witchcraft but he's a godless heathen too! Oh, the horror. He's got that right. :rofl:
  6. chcr

    Winky heeved a sigh...

  7. chcr

    Gamerz Beware!!!one!1
  8. chcr

    I gotta say...

    ...that the silence around here regarding the whole Somali pirate/ Maersk Alabama business is nigh well deafening. I guess you've been too busy addressing important considerations like Michelle Obama's makeup, huh?
  9. chcr

    Attn. Luis

    There aren't very many of us who'll get this:
  10. chcr

    George W. Bush Presidential Library

    The George W Bush Presidential Library is now in the planning stages and accepting donations The Library will include: The Hurricane Katrina Room which is still under construction The Alberto Gonzales Room where you won be able to remember anything The...
  11. chcr

    Happy Birthday BlurOfSerenity

    Happy Birthday young lady!!! :hug:
  12. chcr

    Playboy Posts Unedited Back Issues Online, for Free

    PNSFW Linkypoo As someone on another forum pointed out, hiding a laptop under your mattress is not as romantic. On the plus side, you wouldn't need the flashlight. :lol2:
  13. chcr

    Holy Guacamole!

    24 solid state hard drives in RAID That's right, 24!!!11!!!one !!eleven!!!! :lol2: :nerd: I'm going to need to rob a bank.
  14. chcr

    Taking Chance

    A made for HBO movie starring Kevin Bacon. If you have the opportunity to see it, I highly recommend it. Well done and remarkably affecting.
  15. chcr

    GM auditors raise doubt on viability

    Oh goody. :blank:
  16. chcr

    A guy walks into...

    A guy walks into a shrinks office wearing nothing but shrinkwrap as shorts. ''Well, I can see your nuts.'' says the shrink.
  17. chcr

    New breakfast... Denny's. The Octuplet-Slam. Eight eggs, no sausage. Everyone else in the restaurant has to pay for your meal.
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    Check this out.
  19. chcr

    It's not funny anymore...