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    *hands Bop a six back :cocktail:
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    Oh noez! Gonz is punishing me! ZOMG.

    :wstupid: or this No point in being a Mod when the Admins act like this.
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    Black friday

    There was a First Aid call where a Member was being assisted to in the clothing area ,other Members were almost stepping on the Attendant and the patient.It took a Manager explaining to these people that they needed to back off to settle things and this was just a regular shopping day. :disgust2:
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    Track the ToolBelt GEEK Value X10 :borg:
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    One and All ..

    Those working Retail tomorrow,should be thankful they are "working" tomorrow.
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    Cistic Fibrosis is 'too white' to support

    Actually it affects both sexes and is racially inclusive ,those idiots simply don't know what the fuck they are talking about and defending :rolleyes:
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    <--Since we have already had our Thanksgiving.
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    Still hoping for change?

    Might want to Scotch Guard the Oval Office then. My 2¢ Just because its the same team ,doesn't mean it'll be the same,Management goes a long way to success ,failure or stagnation.
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    Roast Turkey on the grill

    replace the duck with pheasant :brow: *is really bored,time to go rake up leaves.
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    Know what commercial I miss?
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    Barack Obama Elementary School...

    ...but is it too soon?,2933,456348,00.html Not saying whether its too soon or not ,but maybe they shoulda asked the German School Board about their choice of **Adolf Hitler High prior to his taking Office/Poland/Austria etc.... **not a real school...
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    Roast Turkey on the grill

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    Know what commercial I miss?

    *is glad he doesn't have speakers on his comp.
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    Canada's worst driver 4

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    Your 15 yr old daughter?

    hey ,you started it. :P
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    Your 15 yr old daughter?

    What do you mean"you people".
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    would you do one thing for me?

    *turns on sarcasm meter
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    Best Fighter Plane of WWII

    Well they didn't really need a tank killer after the first couple of days either .Saw an A10 at the Abbotsford Airshow in '86,very impressive.
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    Canada's worst driver 4

    I don't know who let those drivers loose on the road/tv.