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  1. BeardofPants

    Armageddon: What Democrats Are Hiding & ....

    Here's what I wore to Armageddon?
  2. BeardofPants

    Ahmadinejad is a Truther!

  3. BeardofPants

    Ahmadinejad is a Truther!

    Conspiracy theorists are morons.
  4. BeardofPants

    The Establishment

    Um? ... What is to believe, exactly?
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    OK, have a laugh on me

    Oh. A bullshit bracelet. Sorry cato, I'd laugh, but it depresses me that people fall for this bullshit.
  6. BeardofPants

    A hunter shoots a bear!

    That is awesome! Luis - did you fill in the blanks afterwards? It's impressive. Took ages to get a 404 response. (wedgies).
  7. BeardofPants

    Anyone wanna tell me what this guy did wrong?

    Raaarrrrgh! :grim:
  8. BeardofPants

    Anyone wanna tell me what this guy did wrong?

    Rare occasion where I find myself agreeing with Cerise. If she had to put the puppies down, there are probably better ways than carting them away and hurling them into a river. Also? Filming & putting it on youtube? Uncool.
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    Eat Pray and Love Movie Review

    I have never heard of it.
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    The Guild

    The Guild is awesome pants! Have you watched season with with Codex & Fawkes?
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    the most disgusting weekend ever

    I don't religiously shower every day ('cept summer), but even so, the thought of the grot build up is just too much to bear. This whole thread makes me shudder.
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    High Fructose Corn Syrup and Pancreatic Cancer link

    I honestly had no idea the nazi party was far right. I thought it was left-wing. Hunh. Learn something new every day. I drink a cubic gallon of diet coke every day, but I'm sure I ingest corn syrup by other means. :/
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    carpet, or tile?

    Thanks for the information. I looked it up, and all toothbrushes appear to have small amounts of bacteria on it, even the control. Even so, the lid still needs to stay down to keep the cats out. Pixel had his first bath as a kitten after leaping, not once, but twice, into the bog.
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    carpet, or tile?

    We keep the toilet lid down for both hygiene and to keep the cats from bathing in it. When you flush, there's crap being microscopically plastered all over the bathroom, including your toothbrush. That's reason alone to drop the lid before you flush. Never mind the accidental drops and the...
  15. BeardofPants

    I kept saying this and the Libs, here, denied it.

    RE: Hammurabi: Those are the earliest written law (eye for an eye, etc) found to date, but doubtless there were oral traditions before then as well. But yeah, Jeebus was definitely a johnny-come-lately.
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    La Muher

    And mitochondrial DNA is only passed along down the mothers line, so it can only give part of the picture.
  17. BeardofPants

    La Muher

    Yes, I did (undergraduate degree). Like I said, not much to add that the article didn't detail (calling for genetic evidence).
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    La Muher

    I'm waiting for the next ice age, sweetie, then I'll run right across there to plant one! :kiss: Don't really have much to add, val. It makes sense that there could have been multiple migrations (NZ & the South Pacific certainly did), but if they did come from otherwhere, I'd like to see the...
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    Now THAT's a catfish

    Shit, it weighs more than I do. :retard:
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    Technology On Vacation

    Also, we weren't using it that often... why, is it bad?