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  1. sbcanada

    Too much net time!!

    Hehe, aint no sunshine here... :evilcool:
  2. sbcanada

    Too much net time!!

    Lol, Well I come back after 2 years and see many familiar names still posting away...... makes your eyes boggle :eek8:
  3. sbcanada

    Too much net time!!

    Musta been like 2 years ago or more... They told me to come back when I grew up.... so I have! :D
  4. sbcanada

    Too much net time!!

    No, I was admin here for like.... 2 days. :D
  5. sbcanada

    Too much net time!!

    I did..... I had a free minute inbetween my taking out my sexy gf to dinner, and publishing my latest novel.... heh ya. :P
  6. sbcanada

    Too much net time!!

    You all need lives. :la:
  7. sbcanada

    My pussy needs a name, suggestions please!

    My new kitty needs a name, suggestions please! Got this adorable little creature yesterday. It's about 6-8 weeks old now. Haven't thought of a name yet, and would like some good suggestions. Names should be unisex since we don't know for sure whether it is a male or female (we think it's...
  8. sbcanada

    Speaking of OLD members...

    Are those really your legs Leslie? :anibang: Ooo look! 2,222 posts... :lol2: :band:
  9. sbcanada

    Speaking of OLD members...

    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack... wow it's been over 2 months since I last popped in for a brief chat... ;) I was one of the main dudes at HWC trying to get a place like this started. I was the 1st member to join OTC after the admins, fury and sam. I was the first and only moderator when the...
  10. sbcanada

    Women in combat

    If women want to be treated as equals, they should open their own doors, they should pay for their own dinner, and they should fight for the country like everyone else. :rofl2:
  11. sbcanada

    British troops say attacked by U.S. "cowboy" pilot

    Show me the news article and prove it.
  12. sbcanada

    P.O.W. rescued

    OUCH! Imagine being shot a few times, stabbed, and then have 3 out of your 4 limbs broken... :( Above link was source.
  13. sbcanada

    Global Warming, is it simply CO2 at fault?

    Every text book I've read and educational TV program I've watched about global warming all seem to point the finger mainly at CO2... I guess it's been proven that the stuff traps heat in the atmosphere, and we sure know that we are producing a lot of CO2... damn cars mostly to blame. Can't wait...
  14. sbcanada

    British troops say attacked by U.S. "cowboy" pilot

    Is that any excuse for bombing friendlies who's weapons posed no threat to the aircraft, who were not shooting at the aircraft, and who were in an established allied training area and had gone through all the appropriate procedures prior to heading out? I read it's the pilot's responsibility to...
  15. sbcanada

    What time is it?!

    Time to Bomb Saddam! If you haven't seen this yet, you might get a kick out of it. :cocktail:
  16. sbcanada

    Space shuttle Columbia crashes

    If they can make robots that can go to mars, collect soil samples and return with them, why can't they make a robot that can move around the exterior of the space shuttle and inspect for possible damage? Give the little bastard some rope, suction cups, magnets, or a lil jetpack if need be, but...
  17. sbcanada

    Space shuttle Columbia crashes

    Looks like a case of Mr. Moderator letting off some personal attacks. I have a very simple one that clearly expresses myself....... Fuck You. :anifingr: ^ Now there's a sign of intelligence. Bottom line is this... they (the engineers) knew there was probably damage that could threaten the...
  18. sbcanada

    Winning WTC plan is taller than twin towers
  19. sbcanada

    'Mister Rogers' dies at age 74 :crying4:
  20. sbcanada

    What the hell is this?!