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    Peabody's Way Forward Machine (OTC in 2023)

    13 Lucky years later. Father of 2 kids now - matched set (boy and girl) - switched jobs and careers numerous times. Still not possessing a machine half as fast as I expected, nor internet speeds for that matter. How is everybody?
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    All chat spaces and forum are falling by the wayside. One by one, disapearing and being replaced by the Monster that is Facebook.
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    Let's try this again

    Was there really a lot lost? I mean...there aren't that many from 2014 onwards. A shame for the loss. I do miss what this place was.
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    Car troubles

    Perhaps a new(er) car should enter the fray, Prof. Choose one that would best fetch you a trade-in or cost you the most to fix and replace it with another model
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    Been on it for a bit... nothing to really write home abouts
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    So is this place dead or what?'ll wake it up
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    Yeah...pretty much
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    Facebook et al

    I know that many current and ex-OTCers are on FB. Many post in the group that was created there. I am wondering if we missed anyone... if Winky, or Jim (for instance) are on the book and .. In either case...if you aren't - then how the hell are ya? AND...most important...what did you eat...
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    Never was... sometimes the money makes up for it..often, it doesn't
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    The short version is that lots of people got ticked...then left and eventually found themselves on Facebook and other places of the like.
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    Taking a Face break

    Figured I'd check in on here and see who's still bouncing around the ol' homestead.
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    "Why aren't you speaking English?"

    Nothing saying that he can't speak English...but for a legal proceeding, he'd be more comfortable speaking in his mother tongue. He brought an interpreter to help the process go along. So..what's wrong with that? Nuthin' Sugah Assimilated :borg:
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    Obama Argues With Himself?

    CLips of Obama mis-speaking edited into one long piece intersperced with comments edited in from other various sources commenting on Palin. It takes a lot of effort to go through hour-long speaches from your President and clip out what you feel makes him look or sound stupid. Thankfully, you...
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    here's something we can all get behind!

    History is a fringe topic, or rather, has been pushed to the fringes. Far more important to know what WiFi is, and how to use the latest MS or Mac product than what's come before. The problem with history is that it gets bigger every day.
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    "Why aren't you speaking English?"

    I think that you will find that many 1st generation immigrants who came after reaching adulthood still use their mother tongue as their primary language, and if they happen to live in a neighbourhood where they can get service in that language, they don't learn the local language well. A...
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    Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered

    Reactions to bee stings out-number bad reactions to penecillin. *I am mildly allergic to penecillin. Started at age 14 or so. There are alternatives,eh
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    Leftist deperation: Palin's Email Scandel

    Her fav turn of phrase seems to be <redacted> </redacted>
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    This should head off the vitriol

    Re: the vitriol never ends More than 24,000 pages of emails were published, although 2415 pages the state deems privileged, personal or otherwise exempt will remain under wraps Read more: Filtered...
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    Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered

    What gets me is that not 4 days before the 'bioengineered' article came out and scared all the conspiracy theorists...the same guy wrote in the same paper about how it was all the fault of the use of antibiotics in mass-farming of animals.